Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.


Q: Do you teach classes?

A: Yes we do.  Check out our Classes page for more information.


Q: Do you sell supplies for hobbyists?

A: Yes we do.  We carry all of the tools and glass you will need and if we don’t have it in stock we can order it.


Q: What is an Insulated Unit?

A: An Insulated Unit, aka Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) is a made of at least two pieces of glass separated by a spacer and held together with an adhesive.  Most modern windows and doors have double pane IGUs.  We make our own IGUs in our shop to enclose our decorative glass.


Q: Why are IGUs a good thing?

A: Traditional stained glass is a single pane of glass.  To make these windows weather tight a putty is used to fill in the gaps.  However, over time this putty powders out and the window can get air gaps which allows water and air into your house.  By encasing the stained glass window in an IGU putty isn’t used and the window is protected and easy to clean as well.  The putty isn’t needed because the clear glass on either side of the stained glass will keep the window weather proof.


Q: Do you charge your units with Argon gas?

A: We do not.  Basically Argon gas helps the insulating factor by slowing down the convection that happens in any IGU.  Argon filled units may still fog.  Fogging occurs because the seal in the IGU is bad and allows air and moisture in and out of the unit.  Our units after having decorative glass in it have less air for convection to happen so using Argon in our units is not as beneficial as putting Argon in an empty unit.


Q: Can you use Low E glass?

A: Yes we can!  We can offer it in regular glass or tempered glass applications.


Q: What about the warranty on my door or window?

A: Each manufacture is different but most warranty the window unit against fogging or leaking.  When we replace the window unit we warranty our work from fogging or leaking.  So, essentially our warranty replaces the original warranty on the glass unit.  Most door and window warranty that covers the frame and door should be unaffected.  Please check with your manufacture to be sure.


Q: Do you repair or restore stained glass?

A: Yes we do.  However, not all stained glass can be repaired or restored due to discontinued glass among other things.  We are happy to look at what you have and determine if it can be repaired or restoration.


Q: How do you restore a stained glass window?

A: Basically, we make a pattern based on the original window and then take it apart.  While apart we clean all of the glass as much as possible and then reassemble the window.  During reassembly we use all new lead came and solder.  All leaded windows, at some point, have to have the lead replaced due to age.  The window, most of the time, looks like new but uses the original glass.  This is how we believe that restorations should be done and anything less is merely a repair.


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