Stained & Etched Glass Portfolio

Welcome to our portfolio page where you will find not only pictures of some of our past work but added detail over just a photo album!


Stained Glass

This client wanted to darken the bathroom from bright morning sun.  They still wanted privacy as well as “warmer” colors.

Below is a better picture of the window we installed.  The window isn’t just placed in front of the house’s window.  This represents an Insulated Glass Unit that was installed into the existing frame.  As a result,  nobody knows, this homeowner didn’t order the complete window with custom glass in it.  We can do this before or after the window is installed in the house.  So if you are wanting to have your home stand out from everybody else……give us a call!

Additional Residential Photos

Every City Hall needs stained glass…..we think anyway!  Below is another example of our Insulated Glass Units.  This time it is in a commercial application.

More Commercial Photos


Below are windows we did for a local Hospice Chapel which was designed to give a quiet space for families.  This is designed as an abstract nature scene.  Therefore it gives nice colors in addition to not representing a specific religion.  That said, we can do windows to represent a specific religious theme is requested.

More Church / Religious

Etched Glass

Here at CEGC we use sand to etch glass.  This gives us more control in addition to the ability to carve glass to give more of a 3D feel.

Etched Photos

Applications, some uses for our glass!

  • Entry ways
  • Doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Sun Catchers
  • Decor
  • Bath room windows
  • Side lites
  • Transom
  • Stepping Stones