Products and Services

Products and services we offer:

Stained Glass Products*

We cover all aspects of stained glass windows from design to installation.  All the work is done in our shop and we use only the best glass for your project.  We can take your design or ideas and make a window or we will be happy to use our own design.

Residential Photos

Commercial Photos

Church / Religious

Etched Glass Products*

Here at CEGC we use sand to etch glass.  This gives us more control and the ability to carve glass to give more of a 3D feel.

Etched Photos

*Applications, some uses for our products & services

  • Entry ways
  • Doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Sun Catchers
  • Decor
  • Bath room windows
  • Side lites
  • Transom
  • Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Products

We can make stepping stones for your garden or flower bed.  We also offer other mosaic options as well.

Stepping Stone Pictures

Supplies Services!

That’s right, we sell supplies for those who do stained glass as a hobby.  If we don’t have it let us know and will be happy to order what you need.

Repairs and Restorations Services

We can repair or restore most stained glass windows.

Why restore?

Good question, all leaded windows at some point need to be re-leaded.  This means the window is taken apart, cleaned and reassembled using new lead came.  How long the windows last before restoration depends on the environment, exposure to weather and sun as well as the quality of the original construction of the window.

IG Units (Insulated Glass Units)

These are normally double pane units which will be found in most modern doors and windows.  The IG unit provides an air space to help provide some insulating effect over just a single pane of glass.  At CEGC we can create custom IG units in house to encase and protect you stained glass investment.  We can make the units to just about any size and shape so we can replace glass in doors and windows.  This can usually be done with out having to buy new doors or window frames.

Awards / Gifts

We are proud to offer custom glass awards from Annealed Images products as well as we can help design custom ones to fit most budgets and design ideas.


Although glass work is where we started, due to many request, we are growing our business we are growing into other products.

Check our our Portfolio of our Non-Glass work